Business Disputes

If you’re facing a commercial dispute, know that it is simply a part of life as a business owner. No matter how successful you and your company are, there will be times when you have conflicts with vendors, employees, and partners. Just as there are many causes of disagreement, there are a variety of ways to solve it, too. Let’s discuss how your situation may have arisen and explore some solutions we can use to rectify it.

Types of Contracts

Agreements between two parties can take many forms — they are not always exclusively written down in a formal document. Sometimes, they are made verbally, and other times, they are simply implied. For instance, when you go to the doctor, you assume that the doctor will do his or her best to treat you, and the office trusts that you will pay them after the visit. Unfortunately, not everyone involved in a contract is always on the same page. Even when you take the time to write out a formal agreement, other parties may interpret the document differently, leading to misunderstandings down the line. Fortunately, a trained attorney can help you resolve such disputes through mediation or litigation. 

Don’t Let a Dispute Set Your Business Back

Find a Resolution

Choosing the Best Path

Mediation is often considered a favorable alternative to litigation. After all, it is typically cheaper, faster, and less stressful. During a mediation session, both parties sit down with a trained mediator to discuss the situation at hand and achieve an adequate resolution. Generally, it allows room for more creative, customized solutions than the courtroom. As a certified mediator, I have experience helping clients resolve disputes outside of trial for many years. If you’d like more information on how the process works, please do not hesitate to reach out to my office. 

While mediation provides many benefits, it is not always the proper approach. At times, it is virtually impossible for both parties to see eye-to-eye and uphold an agreement that is not legally binding. In these scenarios, you may need to pursue litigation. Going to court can be an effective method of dispute resolution in and of itself, and it is not always wise to avoid it. As I tell all of my clients, I would be happy to represent you in or out of the courtroom. 

Ultimately, there is nothing you can read online that will clearly advise you whether your best path is mediation or litigation. It is always recommended that you meet with an attorney to discuss your situation and determine the best path to resolution. If you’re located in the north TX area, go ahead and give me a call. All initial consultations are offered free of charge. 

Business Disputes Attorney in Fort Worth, TX

Throughout my 40+ years of practice, I have settled business disputes of all kinds. Whether you’re having difficulties with a partner, employee, or another company, I can assist you in finding a resolution through mediation or litigation. Contact my office today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation.