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As both a defense and plaintiff lawyer, I have the ability to see cases from multiple perspectives, and it’s this insight that allows me to be such an effective advocate in the courtroom. 

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I have handled a wide variety of cases throughout my many years of practice. Allow me to use the wisdom I’ve gained to your advantage.

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Cary Dorman

Attorney & Mediator
Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law
by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization

I’ve always been competitive. During my younger days, I was a college athlete at Baylor University, but I eventually chose to trade in the football field for the courtroom. Litigation not only satisfies my drive to win — it has molded me into a true advocate. 

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Practice Areas

When you don't know where to turn or what to do, I will strive to help you find justice and resolution.

The Process

Analyze the Situation at Hand

Although trial has its benefits, it’s not the right choice for every case. I will work with you to determine your goals and evaluate your unique circumstances in order to develop an appropriate game plan. 

Understand the Reality of Litigation

First and foremost, you should know that trial isn’t like what you see on TV. The public often thinks that court is stressful and lawyers aren’t to be trusted. I’m here to show you that the reality is different. Trial can be effective, and an attorney can be your ally.

Determine the Best Course of Action

Some cases need to be litigated, and others are better resolved through mediation. I am trained in both practices and can reliably assess and relay the pros and cons of each.

"As a solo practitioner, I work with my clients one-on-one and attack problems head-on."

If I had to take a guess, I’d wager that you’re in a situation you’ve never been in before. Whether you were unexpectedly injured or in the middle of an unintended dispute, I will work to guide you to a positive resolution. I've built my career on helping others, and I believe personal attention is the best remedy for difficult situations. I take this responsibility to heart and put my all into what I do.

Because I am invested, I work hard to get results. My approach to problem-solving is fair and direct. I'm not afraid to give you a realistic evaluation of your situation. Furthermore, I find that the level of transparency I provide facilitates a greater sense of trust in my client relationships. 

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The highest compliment I can receive is a referral to one of your clients.

Working with You to Advocate for Clients Across Texas

As professionals, we must band together to serve our clients. If you’re in need of representation in the matters of personal injury, Social Security disability, or commercial disputes in the Fort Worth area, let’s connect and discuss your situation.

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Litigation vs. Mediation

Choose the Right Path for Your Unique Circumstances

Taking a Case to Trial

There are many instances when litigation is beneficial and even necessary. It gives both parties a chance to hire their own representation, present evidence in a structured manner, and obtain an outcome that is legally binding. Still, it’s important to consider other alternatives before undertaking a trial without good reason. 

Resolving a Case Outside of the Courtroom 

There are a few ways to settle disputes outside of trial, but one of the most common is mediation. This process requires the facilitation of a trained mediator who will sit down with you and the other party in order to construct 

an agreement that benefits you both. Mediation is far less formal than a trial and requires the cooperation of everyone involved, but it is a useful way to design unique and resourceful solutions. Mediation is often far less expensive than litigation. 

Choosing an Attorney Who Understands Both 

Because there are pros and cons to each method of resolution, it’s crucial that you partner with a legal professional who knows the ins and outs of both. I have been practicing litigation and mediation for over 40 years, and I’d be happy to sit down with you and determine which option would be best for your situation.